Justin Bieber’s Instagram is a place of wonder. One minute he’s hanging with Soulja Boy and the next he’s looking like an extra on the set of Young & The Restless. You don’t have to respect everything Bieber does, but you must respect the shit out of his Instagram game.

One of the gems he shared yesterday morning was this drawing done by a fan. I looked at it, then closed the app, then re-opened it and looked at it again. Honestly, what in the fuck is going on here? What body of water is Bieber just casually dipping in? Is that a lake? An ocean? A pool? And why is his reflection rainbow-colored?

Viewing this rare piece of Bieber art is fascinating and a little traumatic, and it’s not the only piece of Justin Bieber fan art that makes us feel weird. Here are some other questionable pieces of Bieber art: