Soundcloud Surfing is a weekly feature that is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of focusing on brand new music, we dig into the Soundcloud archives and pull out some gems. Enjoy, and check out previous editions here.

Did you guys know Soundcloud has a “messages” section?

I didn’t. It’s surprising, because I’m on Soundcloud all day listening to music and poking around, but I’ve never noticed that little button for messages and I was unaware that people have been writing to Pigeons & Planes on there. It’s not that I’ve been ignoring you guys—I just didn’t know. If I had known, I would probably be ignoring you though, because Soundcloud feels like a weird place to send messages.

After putting together a whole “Best Lykke Li Remixes” playlist for this week’s Soundcloud Surfing, I realized that we’ve already done a post on the best Lykke Li remixes (what is wrong with my brain?). So fuck it, let’s see what’s popping in this box of ignored Soundcloud messages.


The message (unedited): Hey Pigeons&Planes,
I am a up and coming New York producer with a different sound. I attend Parsons THe New School for design, and I wanted to share some music with you guys. I am open to any feed back and hope that with my EP on the way it can make it on the site. Thanks for your time hope all is well.


Two-sentence review: This is 56 seconds long and ends very abruptly. Are you sure this is finished?

From: Brad Cruise

The message (unedited): Yo peep the new Brad Cruise. It’s called Foolish. Thanks for your time and dedication to the game. {{}}

Two-sentence review: Since you said “dedication to the game” I was worried you were gonna start rapping. Sorry, but I think this is corny and I wish you wouldn’t rap.

From: Frenship

The message (unedited): we love pigeons and planes. Would be stoked if y’all heard what we’re doing…

Two-sentence review: Thank you! I like some of the sounds in here but your voice makes me uncomfortable.

FromDrek Martinez

The message (unedited): Hey Guys,

Let me introduce myself My name is Drek Martinez I’m French Dj/Producer based in NYC. Sorry to bother you I’m sure you get a tons of emails about this sort of things since you killing it but i wanted to write you and share with you my new tracks from my EP.

Two-sentence review: I can get down with this. That “Tried By 12” sample is fun.


The message (unedited): Hey, how’s it going,

I wanted to say what’s up and share my music with you.
I rly dig the progressive yet class music you guys consistently post.

My music is a blend of r&b//bass music with original vocals. Here is a new single that I just released a few days ago called “Fabulous”. It’s on some r&b/bass/80’s vibes.

Two-sentence review: This is funky and fantastic. I love it.

From: Savaging Spires

The message (unedited): Savaging Spires release new track “We Should Be Dead (Together)” / 11 Track 12” in January
Please Stream, Download, Post & Share.

Two-sentence review: This sounds like some kind of weird gypsy funeral song. I dig it.


The message (unedited): Hey pigeons and planes,,

I love your site, didn’t know you had a soundcloud.
If you ever get a chance please have a listen to my songs,
It would mean the world to me if i got mentioned on your wonderful site.
Hope you enjoy :)

Two-sentence review: This is cute. I get a “Fireflies” vibe from it, except it doesn’t make me mad like “Fireflies” does.

From: Glott (a.k.a. ManualEcho)

The message (unedited):  I”ve been reading your page for a long time. Please Check These Sh!tz out! Thanks! Have a nice week!


Two-sentence review: This song is like when you’re hanging out with a few friends and then a bro shows up uninvited, shotguns a beer, and chants at people to make them take shots. This is obnoxious to me, but if you present it to the right bros you’ll be in business.

Thanks for all the messages and music. You can find Pigeons & Planes on Soundcloud here.