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    Chet Faker

    Picked by: Legend (@thekidLEGEND), OnSmash

    There were a few ways of approaching this question, all with similar end paths. Good music. But good music is all relative to the ear listening to it. Also, not all good music comes to light. Some of it finds the hands of a machine that pushes it to the forefront. A lot don't have that luxury and never make it past the recording booth. The good thing is, the Internet has opened the flood gates for good music (and bad) to make it's way through the crevice we call the World Wide Web. Legit talented people have broken through to the mainstream through different mediums, as well as those lacking the talent. Every day, I strive to bring music worth listening to to a wider audience. That's what it's all about. Putting people on. I feel a certain sense of accomplishment when I put someone on to some shit they've never heard of. But to give, first you must receive.

    Considering I've been on an R&B and indie wave recently, entire albums have been getting spins without knowing a single thing about the artist prior to listening. These were complete blind listens. Those are the best, because you never know what to expect. It's just you and the music.

    That's how I heard of Chet Faker.

    Upon recommendation, I gave the Australian singer/producer a shot and I've been listening to him ever since.  It was convenient that he was releasing music leading up to a new album too, because it gave me something to look forward to. He didn't release a faucet full of tunes, either. I pretty much went into Built On Glass with a clean slate and 11 new songs to enjoy. And I did it one random night. There's something about listening to music at that time. Whether on the way home from a mission or with headphones on full blast while laying in bed. Music just sounds more pure in the vampire hours.

    What drew me to Chet was the fact he sounds like an old soul with enough elements of what's progressive that the lines get blurred and you don't even know where he lands when it's all said and done. He's like a Sam Smith, Aloe Blacc, Bon Iver mesh. There are saxophone and guitar solos on the album. He ends it with a song that sounds like Jodeci, or at the very least, a new age Ginuwine track. When he gets in that pocket, it's when he's at his best. All I had to guide me was "Talk Is Cheap" so that's what I give to you.

    But I can only say so much. Listen to the album for yourself. Receive.

    Downtown Records, you are appreciated. Mapei is on deck.

    P.S. If we're talking about rappers here, Cozz got itJay 305 too. Oh, and Warm Brew.