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    Picked by: Will Oliver (@weallwantsome1), We All Want Someone to Shout For

    As someone who is constantly shuffling through new music on a daily basis, it’s become rare for me to find a new band that captures both my heart and attention in powerful ways. These days it seems more and more buzz bands are leaving us just as quickly as they arrived.

    But every so often you get a band that finds a way to work their magic on you instantly, captivating you from the start. One of those bands is GEMS.

    I vividly remember my discovery of GEMS. It right after the worst of Hurricane Sandy was over that the band’s Lindsay Pitts reached out to me, sending over their very first song “Void Moon.” After a brutally tough week that was cold, wet, and just all-around awful, this band and song came out of no where and took my mind off the depressing situation, igniting some joy within me. I was totally swept in to their sound, something comparable to Beach House, sure, but something very unique and very much theirs

    Since then the band has released a lot more material, various singles and their debut EP Medusa. I’ve seen them countless times live and have seen tremendous growth in the short period of time since I received that e-mail. The band continually finds ways to impress me, reminding me of why I believe in them so much.

    Confusion, you asked me what band I anticipate blowing up. The answer is GEMS. Not only because their music has captivated me non-stop over the past year and a half, not only because Lindsay and Cliff are both incredibly nice people, but because they’re going about it the right way. They aren’t worried about the buzz, or doing anything that doesn’t feel right. They are instead going on their own path, creating some amazing tunes and an individually aesthetic to go along with it that is very much their own.

    Big things are on the horizon for GEMS, it’s just a matter of time. Quote me on it.