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    Hannah Diamond

    Picked by: Jamie Milton (@musicfansmic), This Is Fake DIY

    One day we'll probably all look back at Hannah Diamond and go "What the hell were we thinking?!" but there's no other artist that divides the DIY office quite as much as her. Half of us think she's the future of pop music, the other half think it's a faddy, unbearable nightmare put onto tape. Good arguments fall on both sides.

    Almost everythingDiamond's label, PC Music, defines itself on is a meta, tongue-in-cheek take on post-milennial pop. A shiny aesthetic, vocals that sound intentionally child-like and hooks that pierce instead of creeping in—this is obnoxious, purposefully tasteless music, but when a track like "Pink and Blue" emerges, heads turn. The first time you play the song, it sounds obscene. Once in the system, however, it begins to piece together. With producers like Sophie closely linked to the "scene" Hannah's part of, it's easy to imagine her fronting the thing, taking this divisive movement to the charts.