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    Kevin Gates

    Picked by: Sermon's Domain (@SermonsDomain)

    Street music is one of my favorite kinds of hip-hop to listen to. However, I can't get down with a lot of what's being hyped up. I don't think some of these artists have skills. Kevin Gates embodies what being a rapper from the streets (of Baton Rouge) should sound like. He weaves vivid tales over dark production, seen heavily on Stranger Than Fiction. He's been through and seen so much that his ability to put us on the ground level is incredible. He's not glorifying what happened or making the streets sound like a great place to be. Just raw and uncut music.

    Not only that, he's shown a passion for music as he's constantly introducing new things and experimenting with sounds. It's his redneck flow on "Careful." His determination on "Tiger." All that talk of being a Future clone ceased once people gave him a chance to show what he brings to the table. Atlantic Records has been putting out his mixtapes on digital retail with By Any Means doubling in first week sales in March. A smart tactic that shows the growth. Whether he makes a huge leap into the mainstream this year or next, Kevin Gates surely is one artist that will have next at some point.