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    Picked by: Chris Danks (@yochristopher), Hillydilly

    There was a time when Kygo was just another face in the sea of talented bedroom producers trying to get noticed. Then, almost out of nowhere, his stock began to skyrocket, and what was once a long-shot for the sonic big leagues is now starting to look like a sure thing. In the past couple of months, his name has been linked with music behemoths Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Diplo, among others, and although his sound has landed on a very specific aesthetic, it's clear that, like the aforementioned artists, what he's created is in very high demand.

    What's perhaps more impressive, though, is that although he's only just been thrust into the spotlight a short while back, we're already seeing evidence that he's in it for the long haul. When his music was really starting to pick up steam, there were some who speculated that his sound was starting to stagnate, and that his signature "tropical house" (what the kids are calling it) had reached its saturation point with the fans. In response to this (or maybe because he was just way ahead of us), Kygo released his sweeping remix of M83's "Wait", after which all the naysayers were immediately silenced. It's this preemptive mentality that has bred longstanding success for some of music's biggest stars, and it looks like Kygo has it in spades as well.

    With his first North American tour fast approaching, and with even more material in the works, the kid has a lot going for him right now, and although he probably wasn't the first one to cook up his style of dance music, it's almost undisputed that he's the closest anybody has come towards perfecting it. Even if his work evolves into something else entirely in the future, too, he will always be remembered as an innovator, and his music will be on playlists everywhere for years to come. The sunny notes and rolling melodies have already resonated with millions of fans, and if there was ever an artist whose prospects mirrored his music, it's Kygo, because his future is looking as bright as the soundscapes he's created.