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    Lucki Eck$

    Picked by: Andrew Barber (@fakeshoredrive), Fakeshore Drive

    I have to go with rising Chicago emcee Lucki Eck$. He's one of the few rappers who has stopped me dead in my tracks and inspired me to search for more music. He first landed on my radar exactly a year ago when he sent me a song. I liked it, so I posted it. I get a lot of submissions from first timers who have dope songsā€”but many never follow up with anything that matches it. It's as if that was their one and only good idea. But Lucki's second submission was better than his first, and the next day I was calling him to take a meeting. I was that impressed.

    He has a unique style, with wordplay that's mature beyond his years. There really isn't anyone who sounds like him in the game. His style of rap may be an acquired taste for some, but as he continues to cultivate his sound he's only going to get better and expand his fan base. Stay woke on this kid.