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    Picked by: Arjun (@THEArjunGrover), Sunset in the Rearview

    If you have ever randomly and not creepily stumbled upon the Instagram account of a 12-year-old kid, you might roll your eyes, shake your head, cringe some, and think that the kids don’t stand a chance.

    Raury is a high school senior from Atlanta, Georgia, who is determined to give the kids a chance. He has released two songs, “Bloom” and “God’s Whisper,” the latter of which has garnered wide-ranging acclaim. What makes Raury special goes way beyond two uploads on his SoundCloud account. He has a poignant video for “God’s Whisper” that challenges the lifestyle of Atlanta youth. He is in the middle of conducting an ingenious “Anti-Tour” tour, in which he sets up his show on top of an old van outside of popular venues before, for example, an Odd Future concert, in attempt to “steal their fans.” He is even leading the push for a talent show in his high school; all while making fans out of Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, SBTRKT, and James Blake.

    If you watch the first video from the Anti-Tour, you will notice Raury’s charisma and confidence. If you check out his website or music video, you will notice his sense of self and style (featuring his trademark hat). Most importantly, if you listen to the music, you will hear a kinetic, genre-bending cluster of carefully thought out ideas expressed in the simplest, most universal tones.

    Raury has a 10-track EP entitled Indigo Child coming out soon, and I think I might be disappointed if it doesn't change my entire life and alter the foundation of most of my close friendships.