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    Sicko Mobb

    Picked by: Meaghan Garvey (@moneyworth), Fader

    Much of the output from Chicago's bop movement doesn't exactly beg for deep intertextual examination, its hypersaturated giddiness more an appeal to the body and soul than to the mind (ie, you're supposed to dance to it, stupid!). But Sicko Mobb's alien bop transcends the genre's tendency towards the ephemeral and brings it unprecedentedly closer to radio pop, or at least some mutant version of it that's geeked up off too much molly-laced Cookie Crisp.

    Super Saiyan Vol. 1, the duo's debut mixtape which dropped right before the new year, is the weirdest thing out of Chicago in what feels like forever—candy-coated astronaut chick pop-rap, a generous touch of footwork's freneticism, just a whisper of bluesy twang—but it's surprisingly easy to get lost in its full-throttle, feel-good madness. Sicko Mobb's almost too weird to blow, but with every release, they inch closer to the kind of polished EDM-pop that their new label bosses, Norwegian production duo Stargate, have long since mastered. (Plus, Young Thug's the biggest thing in rap in 2014—"too weird to blow" is practically obsolete.)