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    The Deloreans

    Picked by: Zach Hart (@welistenforyou), We Listen For You

    Guessing who will be "next to blow up" is extremely tough because to become the next "it" in any artistic industry you need LUCK. A band these days needs their sound to be very "now," look a certain way, and they still need a miracle. Louisville's The Deloreans are so different when it comes to their sound and look that I'm not sure they will ever "make it," but I must, for my own sanity, believe that the best music will always find a large audience.

    That's exactly what The Deloreans are doing right now, being the most interesting and exciting unsigned secret in music. Their sound mixes in a range of influences from late '50s crooners to '70s guitars to Twin Peaks synths. What is undeniable is their music goes back to the days where the lead singer had to be overflowing with talent, the music immaculately arranged, and a unique perspective present. I'm not sure if they will ever "blow up," but if I worked A&R for any label, the first music I would slide across the table to my boss would be the perfect tunes of The Deloreans.