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    Donna Summer

    Title: Last Dance Played by: Kelly Rowland Directed by: David O. Russell

    Donna Summer was the undisputed queen of disco, but her legacy and influence stretches far beyond a single genre. She is the epitome of all that is bright and glamorous, and without her there would be no Beyoncé, or Mariah, or Rihanna. Donna is the common ancestor of all R&B divas living today. From her religious upbringing to her psychedelic rock rebellion and her stint in Germany, Donna Summer's life is a story fit for cinematic adaptation.

    Kelly Rowland has the perfect balance of diva-esque glam and bad girl grit to pull off a starring role as Donna Summer. And after last year's American Hustle, no director is better suited to visualize the neon coated world of late '70s disco than David O. Russell. Russell also has a knack for writing and directing strong female characters (see: Amy Adams in American Hustle, Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook), so he'd be more than capable of bringing the Donna Summer film to life.