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    Gil Scott-Heron

    Title: Winter In America Played by: Common Directed by: Spike Lee

    A wunderkind of the revolution, Gil Scott-Heron forever changed the course of music. Given nicknames like "the black Bob Dylan" and " the godfather of rap," Gil Scott-Heron's spoken word style inspired some of hip-hop's most passionate warriors. But Uncle Gil's passion went far beyond music. He was as much a civil rights activist as any other black leader of the '70s, even marching with Stevie Wonder during a blizzard in DC to establish Martin Luther King's birthday as a national holiday. Much like the kindred souls of Malcolm X and Assista Shakur, Gil suffered for his desire to heal his community, fighting a long battle with drug addiction and legal issues. But despite the obstacles he came across, he still persevered as a shining light for revolutionary artists everywhere.

    Winter in America could be what finally breaks Spike Lee out of his recent streak of mediocre films. The story combines the traits of many of Spike's best films: the autobiographical nature of Malcolm X, the slick style and social commentary of Do The Right Thing, and the incredible soundtrack of Jungle Fever. And perhaps he just needs to be paired up with a kindred spirit. Much like many other famous directors, Spike works best with his favorites (Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson). He just needs a new partner to have that chemistry with, and he may find that in Common. Although he would have to slim down a bit, Common resembles Gil, both physically and in spirit. And they both hail from the Windy City, so it only makes sense.

    Sidenote: Kanye West should have some involvement in the process of creating Winter in America, as he was deeply influenced by Gil Scott-Heron, even performing at his funeral in 2011.