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    Title: West Savannah André 3000 played by: Chance The Rapper Big Boi played by: Isaiah Rashad Directed by: Chris Robinson

    West Savannah is a coming of age story about two kids from opposite sides of the tracks coming together to make music and find their purpose in life. Those kids are André Benjamin and Antwon Patton Jr, at age sixteen. While Big Boi had one foot in the dope game and the other in music, André was finding himself at his own personal fork in the road. The boys who would one day be Outkast were transitioning into men. For casting, I'm thinking two of hip-hop's youngest rising stars: Chance the Rapper as André, and Isaiah Rashad as Big Boi.

    Chris Robinson, who first gained reconigion as a music director before crafting his critically acclaimed feature debut ATL, would do this story justice. First of all, Robinson knows Georgia. The landscape and culture of the Peach State would play as a third protagonist alongside a young André and Big Boi, as it was so pivotal in molding the artists and men they became. And remember, OutKast's Georgia is much different than the modern Georgia of T.I. and Pastor Troy, in both aesthetic and tone. Young André and Big Boi inhabit a ghostly landscape in which joy, spirituality, violence, and racism mix together like a gumbo. Visually, think True Detective meets the "Rosa Parks" video.