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    With the recent release of Popcaan’s debut album Where We Come From (full stream below) there’s been a lot of buzz about dancehall crossing over on a bigger scale than ever before. For long-term dancehall fans this is an exciting time, but also a great opportunity to introduce others to the genre. Maybe you got a little taste of it in 2003 with Sean Paul but never really took the chance to discover more because you didn’t know where to start. Worry not, we’re here to help.

    Although dancehall has been around for quite some time now, many people are just getting a proper introduction to the genre. Dancehall got its name for being the kind of music that was popular in the Jamaican dance halls in the late '70s and that’s very easy to believe, since every song will have you well and truly fighting the urge to dance. For the most part, dancehall artists and records come from Jamaica, and because of that people often mislabel any Jamaican music as reggae. But don’t mistake dancehall for reggae, you wouldn’t refer to hip-hop as R&B would you? Exactly, same rules apply here.

    So if you like Popcaan and want to know a little bit more about dancehall, click through to find out about some other artists—veterans and rookies—you should know.