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    Over the years hip-hop has received negative attention for being vulgar and degrading, even though that’s really only the case half of the time. Just like hip-hop, dancehall continues to suffer from the same stigma. But let’s be honest, sometimes raunchy lyrics over an infectious beat is fun. And if that’s the type of music you’re looking for to turn up your weekend then Aidonia is definitely your guy.

    Before you even press play and hear the lyrics, the title of each song is usually enough of a hint of what is about to happen. Aidonia’s riddim selection however is always perfect to not only distract you from the lyrics but force you to take a chance on the dance floor. And don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re doing, if you listen closely enough you’ll realize Aidonia’s lyrics are basically instructions. Press play and help him, help you.