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    Beenie Man

    It really wouldn’t be appropriate to make a list about dancehall artists without mentioning Beenie Man who is also known as the “King of Dancehall” to many of his fans. Beenie Man’s career actually began at a very young age in the early '80s but it really took off throughout the '90s, and his reign has yet to end. In 2000, Beenie Man linked up with The Neptunes and Mya to create “Girls Dem Sugar” which wound up being one of his biggest and earliest crossover hits.

    But it was definitely not the last. And if there’s one thing Beenie Man is really good at it, it’s providing catch phrases. His earliest hit “Who Am I” had people constantly saying, “Sim simma, who got the keys to my Bimmer?” and his more recent single “I’m Drinking Rum and Red Bull” allows people to sing along and order a drink at the same time. The list of hits Beenie Man has had over the years is too long to name, but even if you hardly know a thing about dancehall there’s no doubt you’ve heard at least one Beenie Man song before.