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    Although Konshens has been in the music business for at least ten years now, his career really began to take off around 2010 with his single “Gal Dem A Talk.” The key to Konshens’ recent success has been his ability to consistently come up with catchy hooks. With so many artists jumping on the same riddim, getting listeners to remember the words to your version is a very crucial part. Even if you don’t fully catch onto everything being said in his verses, after just one listen you’re guaranteed to have some lyrics stuck in your head. At the moment, hearing at least one Konshens record at a party is almost a guarantee.

    Konshens has also caught to one other very important strategy: tending to his female fans. Everyone knows that if you can get the ladies to love you, everything else will probably fall right into place. As dancehall’s current ladies man who can also deliver catchy records, it seems safe to say that Konshens is here to stay.