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    14. Childish Gambino - “Sweatpants”

    Director: Hiro Murai

    Having originally built a platform through his prosperous acting career, it only makes sense for Childish Gambino—or Donald Glover—to show off his performance chops every now and then. "Sweatpants" is a mesmerizing, mindbending experience, and one that plays heavily on his emotions as he takes laps around a diner in the middle of the night, discovering nothing but more clones of himself each time around. He enters the room largely apathetic and a bit uncomfortable, but those feelings quickly morph into those of fear and downright anger, making for a riveting visual progression. Director Hiro Murai tacks on a separate—and stunning—clip for "Urn" onto the end of the video, and somehow the juxtaposition works beautifully.—Tim Larew

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