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    19. Glasser - “Shape”

    Director: Jonathan Turner

    Sometimes, music videos succeed by giving you a new take on the song, or showing imagery only partly inspired by it, but sometimes they succeed because they are a full and complete reflection of the song's content and qualities.

    "I live on a beach, water surrounds me," sings Glasser, aka Cameron Mesirow, as she inhabits some sort of futuristic house in an endless ocean. The lyrics of the song are full of uncertainty, and from the line, "my home has no shape," onwards, the video reflects that, too. Mesirow navigates an ever-moving, unstable world, which was created by Jonathan Turner for The Creators Project It's a poignant and  unnerving video, bleak despite the shimmering futurism, and a perfect example of song and visuals in total unison.—Constant Gardner