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    3. Jamie xx - “Sleep Sound”

    Directors: Sofia Mattioli and Cherise Payne

    Dancing in music videos has been a highly popular theme recentlyJamie xx, however, managed to interpret this trend in a refreshing and touching way, one that complements his single "Sleep Sound" perfectly. He enlisted London artist/poet Sofia Mattioli to create a set of visuals for the beautiful song, and she found inspiration in an unlikely place—on the train, from a deaf girl.

    "I was on a train listening to music, getting deep into it, and this girl started staring at me," said Mattioli. "After a while I took my headphones off and she came up to me, started signing and then wrote me a note to say that she was deaf but could almost feel the music by my movement. The relationship between silence and music is a big part of what I am trying to express with my work."

    The result is truly stunning: unrestrained and completely inspired by movements, the people in the video feel the music. It's an incredibly moving video that really showcases the immense power of music.—Joyce