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    8. Julio Bashmore ft. Jessie Ware - “Peppermint”

    Director: Noah Harris

    At first glance, this colorful stop-motion animated video is an abstract but fun accompaniment to Julio Bashmore and Jessie Ware's house stormer. It builds to a surreal ending, involving a clapping baby, golden dogs jumping through hoops, and all manner of other craziness, but director Noah Harris revealed in an interview with THUMP that there is a little more than meets the eye.

    "The song  is built around a sample of Karen Young, but re-recorded with Jessie Ware. The track itself evolves, but always around the same elements. Visually, this film does the same. It starts with a piece of graphic design, rigidly animated to the track, and this then evolves into three dimensions; the amoeba becoming a sentient graphic form, a constant process of evolution around the same visual themes." If that's too academic for you, Harris adds that it's also about, "sex, drugs, and the all powerful church of rave."

    Whichever way you want to take it, it's a great video.—Constant Gardner