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    5. Raury - “God’s Whisper”

    Director: Andrew Donoho

    The 17-year-old prodigy out of Atlanta known as Raury burst onto the scene with "God's Whisper," a flawlessly executed visual tastefully depicting rebellious youth culture and providing a glimpse into the Indigo Child lifestyle. The video is vibrant and organic, playing heavily on Raury's quiet confidence and larger than life presence. From his wardrobe and the cast of characters he rolls with, to drinking 40s on the curbside and an electric nighttime bonfire scene, we get the sense that we know Raury well after just four minutes and 39 seconds.

    He stares into the camera, emphatically enunciating each word to leave viewers with no doubt that he's pouring his heart into "God's Whisper." It feels spiritual, it feels revolutionary—it feels bigger than him. And with appearances from popular members of Atlanta's hip-hop scene such as the Lucid Twins, Curtis Williams, and Childish Major, it's clear that the city is not only open to Raury's music and movement, they're fully embracing it. When one video can convey such a powerful message and introduce a new artist so concisely, it's truly special.—Tim Larew