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    TCVVX - "Clocks"

    With almost no music available to the public, New York's TCVVX entered this week in an exciting position. It's one that every new artist finds him or herself in early on, but very few prove capable of understanding how to take full advantage. Being relatively unknown affords artists the opportunity to carefully craft their sound and image, then package and deliver it to listeners who arrive with no preconceived notions. A misstep makes for an uphill battle, but a successful first drop can spark a fire that burns steadily for years.

    TCVVX's first official video for his recently released single, "Clocks," falls right into the latter category. The Conkrete Media Group-directed clip depicts TC as a conscious, deep-thinking artist with an unmistakable edge, one that's illustrated beautifully by his pensive stroll through the city at night juxtaposed with gritty shots of the time and money-controlled lifestyle he disdains. In just under three minutes, we gain a pretty thorough understanding of TC, and it's enough to have us excited for whatever's next.—Tim Larew