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    Provide the information.

    When sharing your music, make sure to include hi-res artwork (a good press photo can make a huge difference), the proper streaming or download links, and information on the release. It's difficult to write about your music when we don't have the proper information. The more we have to share, the easier it is to write a good post. Tell us if you have an album coming out, where you're from, if you're a band or a one-person act, if you produce or play instruments, etc.

    Mystery is cool—it's a path more and more artists are going down—and that's fine. But rather than just sending a video link and the words "new song," think about what the ideal post one your song would look like and provide enough information to make that possible. Most of the acts that successfully start off as mysteries have PR companies or record labels pushing them. If you try to do that as a no-name independent artist, you're probably going to get ignored.