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    DJ Maine

    In the wake of DLow’s massive success with the “DLow Shuffle” a huge swath of instructional dance songs started springing up all over the city. The majority are shallow rewrites, ripping moves off completely or just not being that fun, but one has managed to stick. DJ Maine’s “Big Sexy Slide” works, in part, because it directly acknowledges DLow’s influence, but more importantly because it’s just as fun as the original shuffle. Where the “DLow Shuffle” aimed for accessibility, Maine’s confidence building dance (“For the big boys!”) is a rapid fire series of commands, some unrecognizable (“Hit Yosemite Sam!”), some simple (“Chin up, chin left!”) and some hilarious (“Hit that keep calm and let a fat nigga fuck!”).

    Beyond that Maine has carved out a recognizable style, his auto-tune assisted vocals often burst into a soaring chorus (“Cool Too”, “Turning Shit Up”) that delights every time.