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    Lil Chris

    One of the most versatile bop artists around, Lil’ Chris makes sure he works in as many lanes as possible. Whether it’s grimy drill (“Same Shit, Different Day”, “Lost My Mind”) or cautionary balladry (“Keep Your Head Up”), Chris stays mobile while retaining his ability to write compact, efficient hooks that stick. But it’s his bop music that leaves the longest impression. When his triumphant “I Got” soundtracked DGainz’s “Bop-A-Thon” with Lil Kemo it was the first time bop music made a blip on the radar outside of small Chicago circles. His current calling card, “Bop Like Me,” has the good natured appeal of a nursery rhyme while “What to Do” expounds on the state of delirium that results from having so much damn money you can’t even figure out how to spend it. Even when he’s relegated to hook duty, such as on ThotKingz’s “Boppin’ Bandz,” it’s his contribution that stays in between your ears all day long.