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    Stunt Taylor

    If you’ve only heard three bop songs in your life odds are one of them was Stunt Taylor’s anthemic “FeFe on the Block.” Confident, cool, and catchy as hell, “FeFe on the Block” might be the most accessible bop song yet. It's so well put together that it’s pretty much undeniable and irresistible. There are at least 6 strong hooks here that could each support their own song, so cramming them all into one packs an undeniable thrill.

    Since “FeFe”’s success Taylor has been making strides to prove himself as more than a one hit wonder with successful results. He’s found a fantastic chemistry in versatile producer C-Sick and their collaboration has produced the sparkling “1 Night” and the pummeling “Flee Amigo”, which sounds like it was recorded inside a pinball machine. With his firm grasp on his songwriting ability, Stunt Taylor holds a lot of promise.