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    Porter Robinson - "Flicker"

    While a lot of words have been written about how Porter Robinson's transcended modern EDM in the search for something more, I just appreciate that his Worlds album is chock full of him just experimenting with sound. For someone who's toured with Tiesto and Skrillex, it takes a lot of balls to knowingly leave that life to pursue what you feel is better.

    Cuts like "Flicker" do dive back into those older ways, but he's wrapped them in a cut that shares a pretty happy hip-hop sensibility, coming from the odd vocal that he loops over the this hip-hop flavored beat—one that seems to nod to his love of Kanye's use of bright melodies at one point in his career. This is possibly the most feelgood tune on Worlds, and one I'm glad the world got to hear before the album crashed all up in your living rooms.—khal