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    Arcade Fire - "Afterlife (Flume Remix)"

    Arcade Fire is not an easy fish to fry, considering their music—despite its quality—doesn't lend itself all well to a traditional remix. Flume shows us how it's done, creating one of his best remixes to date by taking an alternative route.

    In a glorious ten minute epic, Flume captures the sound of the Win Butler-fronted band and intricately scatters it over a backdrop of extra-terrestrial sound. The song starts simply and quietly, building up the anticipation with a repeated series of "Oh Oh Oh." But as the song progresses so does the sound, the yelps of Butler becoming increasingly prominent as his vocals begin to weave their way into the fabric with every clap of the drum—doing so until Flume and Arcade Fire are improbably linked as one.—Jules Muir