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    Kwamie Liv - "Lost in the Girl"

    In our interview with Copenhagen-based singer Kwamie Liv, she told us, "I honestly don’t know what the next thing is going to sound like. I don’t like to let anything besides what I’m feeling decide what I create." Sometimes, not knowing what's coming next is the most exciting part of an experience. If you're just listening to her EP for the first time, you'll be surprised with the start of each new song—from late-night slow burners to internationally flavored jams, Kwamie Liv isn't sticking to any script. One second you're tempted to compare her to M.I.A. ("Lost in the Girl," "comin THRU") and the next she's sounding like a lo-fi, electronically leaning Lana Del Rey ("5 AM").

    Comparisons are a cheap way to describe Kwamie Liv, though. She exudes individuality that comes across as far more genuine than artists who chase a certain style or try to cling to a role that they'd like to play as an artist. Kwamie Liv is the real deal, and while she doesn't have any radio smash singles, there's a potential star quality about her that's really intriguing, and people are starting to take notice. What's next? Shit, nobody knows. That's the exciting part.—Confusion