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    JJ - "Dean & Me"

    Cloaked behind JJ's grandiose production, hip-hop references, and general love of weird left turns are painfully honest songs. "Dean & Me" might be the best example of that on their new album V. At first listen the soaring melodies might grab your attention, but listen carefully to the lyrics and you'll find something poignant, a soul-bearing stream of consciousness, and an ode to the perils of drunk calling.

    I know I'm drunk I know it's late but I will call you anyway calling because I fucking shake calling hoping you awake because I'm falling apart because I'm falling in love with you and something inside me tells me we could be together something inside me tells me we could be forever but something inside tells me we will never be together.

    There are always layers to JJ songs, it's just a matter of peeling them back.