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    Johnny Lloyd - "Pilgrims"

    Johnny Lloyd's music, recorded on an 8-track, feels lived in, like an old armchair that is frayed around the edges and sags a little in the middle, but is perfect to just sink back gently into. It wouldn't come as a surprise if someone told you that "Pilgrims" was 20 years old, a lost classic from a vault somewhere, but behind the mellow guitar and lo-fi recording values lie some heartbreaking lyrics. What may at first appear to be a love song, seems to actually be a painful reflection on a lover from the past.

    "I've been thinking of you lately, but I know, I'll never love somebody like you," sings Johnny Lloyd. It's ambiguous (Is he deciding never to love someone like that in the future? Is he realizing he'll never meet someone as perfect? We don't know.), but heartbreaking nonetheless.