• 30

    Mark Ecko

    First of all, I love Kanye West. I've had the good pleasure of knowing him since he was coming up. It is true when he talks about wanting to do this for the last decade, cause I've had those conversations, I think everybody in the industry has had an conversation with 'Ye on trying to break in.

    But he is just a bowl of contradiction, you know? I love him but that's kinda what's human about him, because you see the same frustration that dogs all of us waiting for the gate-keeper to let them in. But the thing about Kanye that I don't understand is, why the hell does he need those gate-keepers? Kanye, you don't need those gate-keepers. You have built so much power and love, maybe 50 hate you and 50 hate you but that 50% is big. You don't need Anna Wintour, you don't need Paris, you don't need them.