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    The Sun-Drenched Lo-fi of Chillwave

    Synth-pop is a genre that's pretty much timeless. '80s classics are frequently revisited, and the huge sounding synth-driven pop tracks are the ones we tend to remember the most fondly. Chillwave is a genre for those astutely aware of this, but would like to somehow repackage it so as not to regurgitate the past verbatim. Flipping the sound and tropical feel into something considerably more lo-fi and psychedelic, chillwave initially showed a lot of promise with acts such as Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, and Com Truise.

    The fad was one of the few internet-born genres where the aesthetic and sound felt as if they were truly in unison. It was the first of many blog-pop sub-genres to really take off, and it's easy to see why. It was colorful, hazy, and preyed incessantly on nostalgia. Unfortunately, it died not long after it took off, mostly thanks to oversaturation and a negative stigma associated with the tag.

    Before long, those first associated with tag quickly moved onto new things in fear of being labeled as a gimmick. It was partly based upon gimmickry for sure, but it was at the very least a pretty cool gimmick. R.I.P. chillwave, you'll forever live in the mixtape I like to call my heart.