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    Lil B Pt. 1: #Based

    Lil B is hip-hop's chameleon. He's a big fan of trying new things, and when he does it's almost always interesting. But out of all of his phases, the whole BASED movement he started with 6 Kiss is probably the most influential. Rapping stream-of-conscious over airy, spaced-out beats—it's a style he became known for, and it's also a style that's launched the careers of a handful of notable producers. It could even be said that 6 Kiss birthed cloud rap to an extent.

    This whole positive approach now represents half of Lil B's persona, and it's easily his most endearing half. The lyrical content and technical prowess aren't always there, but he more than makes up for it through conveying emotion as basically as possible. He's low-key one of the most influential artists of the last decade. Thanks, Based God.

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