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    Pictureplane and the Accidental Birth of Witch House

    Where would we be today without witch house? One of the first internet-born sub-genres, witch house began as a joke, before becoming an accidental fad of sorts. Accompanied by spooky occult imagery and artist names with lots of unicode characters, the music was characterized by overdriven synths, reverb-drenched vocals, and chopped and screwed techniques. It's a bizarre mix, but it certainly worked when done right.

    Travis Egedy, aka Pictureplane, is the originator of the name, and arguably the sound. On his debut record, a few of the tracks demonstrate the stylistic traits that later bands adopting the witch house sound also possessed. His aesthetic wasn't quite as dark, however, as those fully embracing the tag, and his name wasn't †▲‡▲†, either, but the sound was pretty much there.

    Later acts like Salem and oOoOO really solidified the sub-genre as a genuine, albeit goofy movement. Witch house provided a lot of enjoyment for what it was, and to a certain degree it's a shame that it died off. It's hard to dispute its impact, though, even if interest in the movement did wane quickly.

    (A.V. Club)