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    The Sloppy Creation of Vaporwave

    As with witch house, vaporwave took a while to get noticed. Forums began hyping the movement with the legions of Bandcamp producers slowing down Diana Ross samples, but it was Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, who sloppily and hastily birthed the genre with Eccojams. Released under the name Chuck Person, Eccojams was full of drugged out interpretations of garish pop, rock, and R&B songs. Employing chopped n screwed techniques with hypnotic samples, it seemed like a cool idea at first. That is, of course, until saturation occurred a few years later.

    The visual aspect didn't come until much later, and Lopatin ditched the Chuck Person name before vaporwave really became a thing. Lopatin further explored the techniques he employed on Eccojams with later releases as Oneohtrix, albeit in a considerably more polished fashion. More on vaporwave later, though.