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    dd elle - "Tell Me"

    I have been a grinch recently. The end of summer is a bitter, bitter time for all those involved, and I'm just not ready to launch into glowing soliloquies about autumn colors and cozy sweaters, especially when my last crop of tomatoes is still ripening on the vine. They're barely plum-sized, for fuck's sake.

    But dd elle is helping me get through it all this week with the bittersweet reassurance of "Tell Me." Halfway between Dream Koala and Blood Cultures, dd elle hits all the right notes in the key of electronic nostalgia with sparse production that Ryan Hemsworth has rightly compared to Jai Paul. I will begrudgingly admit that "Tell Me" has been my Cindy Lou Who this week, pumping blood back into my shriveled black heart and convincing me it's okay to make Dr. Seuss references in blog posts. Fall, you may begin.—Graham