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    Kindness - “This is Not About Us”

    Where do I even begin with this song? The smooth jazzy saxophone intro, that funky bass line, or the bells that I’m pretty sure are a slowed down sample of “Peter Piper” by Run DMC? There’s a lot about this song that I love. Adam Bainbridge—aka Kindness—fully grabbed my attention with his latest single “This is Not About Us.”

    It starts off sounding as if it will be an R&B track with an even blend of jazz and funk, but suddenly the beat kicks in.

    The rhythm gives off such an enjoyable vibe that the meaning of the lyrics almost go right over your head. Bainbridge’s voice fits so perfectly into the groove of the song that when he sings, “Changed my mind about us / You should find someone new,” it doesn’t sound emotional—more like a statement said with nonchalant confidence. Bainbridge’s catchy hook makes it hard to take “This is Not About Us” off repeat but honestly, I’m not really ready to stop playing this just yet.—Adrienne Black