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    Atlanta is a city where musical anomalies are becoming the norm, each creative pushed by surrounding inspiration to venture into unusual new dimensions.

    22-year-old Atlanta native COMMAND is exactly the sort of dazzling, rough hewn creator the city has become so known for nurturing: a rapper, singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and engineer raised by musical parents, a child singing in church now grown into a young man drawing inspiration from N.E.R.D, Madlib, and untold others on his ambitious 18 song debut project WATERMOUTH. A pervasive, inventive playfulness colors COMMAND's sprawling work, tales of love and lust accompanied by vibrant, dense instrumentation and a unique melodic sense. It's unusual and mostly excellent, making up for lack of polish with honesty, idiosyncrasy, and a bold, restless buffet of sounds and ideas.

    Another voice to watch from Atlanta.