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    Kacy Hill

    The first thing you might notice about Kacy Hill is her eyes—she's a beautiful young woman who was formerly a model—but it's her voice that's really going to have you lost in the clouds. The clean production on her first song, "Experience," is hypnotizing, but the focus never strays from those gliding vocals. She cites Chopin and Debussy as influences, and this leads to some sounds very unique in modern pop—the notes she hits are not what we're used to hearing over electronic production.

    She may be new to music, but this isn't just a one-off experiment. "Writing it was such a freeing experience," she told us. "I can definitely say it was the first time I felt a real connection with what I was doing in my life. The whole process was so organic and I never want to lose that energy—I never want to feel that anything has been forced, so everything I’m doing now is kind of riding off making things that are sonically beautiful. I enjoy the juxtaposition of sounds that shouldn’t fit together with impactful, floaty vocals."