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    Sweater Beats ft. Allie - “Dark Matter”

    HW&W sure know how to pick 'em. They're one of the camps that turned me on to Ta-ku, Kaytranada, and Pomo, and one of their latest picks is the mighty Sweater Beats, who drops his Cloud City EP through them later this month. The first glimpse of what's sure to be an intoxicating release, "Dark Matter" transcends most of the chilled turnup that's out there because of Allie's beautiful vocals.

    The instrumental would win on its own, but she adds a heavenly human element, riding the beat like a cotdamn pro. It's one of those moments where you realize, "you know what, this futhermucking producer should be working with more vocalists." Heavy petting music for soft naked bodies, or something.—khal