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    Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/abstractyouth Location: Sydney, Australia

    aywy., the co-founder of Flow-Fi, was releasing music under Flow-Fi before it really even existed, but with the communal energy of Fortune, subdaio, and each new member, he has helped create something vital and vibrant.

    A joint project with Ekali is scheduled for later this year, and aywy. is planning a deep house EP for 2015. Below, he explains what makes Flow-Fi unique, how he juggles running the label with his other responsibilities, and his plans for the future.

    How is Flow-Fi different from other labels or collectives? Diversity would be the first thing that comes to mind. Our artists don't have just one lane, everyone can dip their hands into everything. People really mess with our chill shit just as much as our heavy shit. Early in the year, everyone was playing Fortune and Chris's remix of "Work" at all these venues, so we knew people really loved that aggressive sound.

    We just went with the label idea and we're fortunate to have the likes of Soulection and Darker Than Wax behind that sound, because we do share a similar musical direction. That and we're all about creative collaboration. Everyone just influences each other, and when two or more artists get together on a song, it's a crazy result. All the guys on Flow-Fi are low-key crazy too!

    Do you work on Flow-Fi full-time, or is this something you have to make/find time to do? I think everyone in Flow-Fi has a life outside of music, but we're all very involved in what we do. We've got school and work but we make time. I'm currently taking a semester off to focus on music for a minute though. After we all came together there's definitely been a heavier emphasis on music and we've started taking things a bit more seriously, considering we've heard our music played in cities all around the world. Getting this kind of recognition from the fans this early on is very surreal and motivates us to stay on our grind.

    Where do you want Flow-Fi to go in the future? Flow-Fi Traphouse 2015?! We all want to be in and around the same area in the future so collaboration and growth just comes a bit more naturally. That and maybe have our own official or unofficial thing at a festival like SXSW a year or two down the line. Playing festivals, having our own showcases, beat battles, compilation parties.

    We've got some big plans for the future but we're focusing on where we're at now, but all these things are slowly starting to become more likely than we ever expected.