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    By Constant Gardner & Cedar

    The Flow-Fi collective aren't important just because they're making fantastic, genre-melding music, they're important because they stand as proof of the strange, beautiful, and totally positive power the internet can have in regards to music. Flow-Fi is a collective of 17 producers, DJs, and all-round music lovers spread all over the world. With members on both coasts of America, all over Europe, and in Australia, they're truly international, and even though most of them have never met in person, their teamwork, camaraderie, and genuine appreciation for each other as artists and as people becomes quickly clear.

    The seeds of Flow-Fi were sown over social media when aywy. (based in Australia and pronounced A-Y), Fortune (Los Angeles), and subdaio (New Jersey) started talking about forming a collective of producers. Shortly after, aywy. brought up his idea of starting a label called Flow-Fi, and just like that, something great was born. Flow-Fi now has over twenty thousand followers on Soundcloud, and their songs have tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of plays. It's especially impressive when you discover that the label was only formed in February of 2014.

    Everyone talks to each other, so the chemistry is dope even though we all haven't physically met.

    In just eight months, the members of Flow-Fi have created something tangible and real—a movement—even though their home is on the internet and their collaborations take place almost all through the ether. "We have Skype calls where ten of us are in there together just talking about everything but music," aywy. tells us. "When we get serious, it's just two artists working on ideas on the side, getting on Skype, and getting creative. Everyone talks to each other, so the chemistry is dope even though we all haven't physically met."

    Although there is no set criteria for being a part of Flow-Fi, aywy. points out that being versatile while retaining a distinct personality are traits everyone in the collective share. "New members need to compliment the team as well as offer something different, so we're all continuously inspired by one another," he says. Of course, making a personal connection is important, too. Flow-Fi isn't just a label, it's a group of friends and fans of each other's music—if they love what an artist is doing, they'll reach out to them; it's as simple as that.

    I'm not sure if we've got our own 'sound' yet an emphasis on bass heavy soul music.—aywy.

    While artistic versatility is central to the group's identity, there is also a common thread that runs through Flow-Fi's output. It's electronic, but mostly it maintains that vital human element, a sense of organic creation and experimental whimsy that contrasts so much of the formulaic dance music pumped out from festival main stages and radio stations. "I'm not sure if we've got our own 'sound' yet," aywy. says, but there is certainly "an emphasis on bass heavy soul music."

    With big plans for the future, and a new 13-track compilation that was just released (make sure you go through to the final slide for more on that), it's an exciting time to be part of Flow-Fi. We spoke to the whole crew about how each of them got involved and where they hope to take their music in the future. From Australia to America, via Russia and France, get to know each of Flow-Fi's uniquely talented and creative members.