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    Chris McClenney (formerly MisterMack)

    Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/mistermack-1 Location: Maryland, US

    "I was first made aware of Flow-Fi through an interaction with Sojuju on Soundcloud in early April 2014. We began talking, and I expressed my respect for the music coming out of the collective. I met the rest of the crew online and the rest is history. I joined in mid-April 2014. I'm also a Soulection artist, joining them in July 2014.

    "I'm constantly looking for ways to implement organic sounds and live instrumentation. I've been working to hone my vocal abilities, and I'm planning to bring my voice to the forefront of my new material. My goal is to establish a live-band sound with a comfortable blend of the electronic elements that are common in this scene; but in a meaningful way that people can genuinely connect with. Expect some experimentation."