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    Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/bmore-new-era Location: Baltimore, US

    "While at a local show, Rvdical The Kid (A&R of Flow-Fi) asked me if I would like to join. It was so loud and my hearing is pretty bad so I believe I turned it down. Months later while hanging out, Rvdical told me Flow-Fi really wanted me on the team and I was shocked. It felt like a missed opportunity I would regret for a long time. I eventually told Rvdical I was down and weeks later he hit me up and said everything is a go. Everyone welcomed me with open arms. It felt like more of a family than a collective.

    "My overall goal is to become an established instrumental artist/producer. I want to be remembered and considered one of the greats one day. Also, I would like to produce records for my favorite artists."