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    Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/geotheorymusic Location: New York, US

    "I first hit Flow-Fi up after a repost from DIVERSA, who ironically joined after me. I had this tune I was already working on by the name of "Medusa." Unfortunately they weren't adding anymore to the collective at the time, but I think once they released it and saw the responses, the Flow-Fam decided to adopt me onto the roster. It's a moment in my career that I'll never forget. It helped shape me into who I am now.

    "I see myself doing this for the rest of my life. No matter what it is, film scoring, studio production, composition, as long as music is dominant in my career I'll be happy for a very very long time. I'd love to expand into more than just a producer. I want to travel and spread the gift of music to those in the world who haven't heard what these independent producers have to offer!"