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    Soundcloud link: http://www.soundcloud.com/imkuma Location: Los Angeles, US

    "My bro Fortune sent me an e-mail in late February of this year asking me to join the crew after they heard my track “elizabeth” in one of Andre Power’s mixes. I was flippin’ out when they told me they heard it in his mix because I had no idea anyone was spinning and listening to my tunes! I have to give a lot of my thanks to him, as well as DJ Complexion for being the ones to put me on, and pretty much create the opportunity for me to join Flow-Fi.

    "My main goal for the future is to be able to work on music on my own terms. I’d love not to have to rely on music as a means of living and money. I’m interested in all sorts of art and music so I don’t think I’ll be settling with this electronic sound I’ve got going. Eventually I hope to take my music to film, TV, video games and other media."