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    Rvdical The Kid

    Soundcloud link: https://soundcloud.com/rvdicalthekid Location: Baltimore, US

    "I got into contact with Flow-Fi in March ​through Chris McClenney who I was working with at the time. There was some conversation about him joining the team and at the time he was working on the remix of "Work" with Fortune. Chris introduced me to the team because they were looking for someone who could master the song for them. He linked my "Lord Bills" track and they really dug it. From there Chris and I were gradually added to the team. We released "Ethereal" a few weeks later it was official.

    "Currently, I'm re-working two EPs that I lost when my computer got stolen. I'm hoping to get done with them by the beginning of next year. Then I'm planning on releasing a //Fractions EP with Chris McClenney and also planning on getting a lot more shows around the US, most likely a mini tour. Other than that I'm just really focused on making as much quality music as possible and improving my sound."